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Discover Greece is hitting the road with its own digital travel show that gives you the stage to present Greece to the world. We’ll be sending our guest presenters around the country, broadcasting live across all our Social Media channels.

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A strong, innate desire to travel

It’s Season 5 of Wanderlust Greece and our presenters are off to the islands of the North Aegean. Ikaria, Samos, Lesvos, Chios and Limnos. A collection of magical isles totally authentic and unspoilt… all the way down to their ancient Greek roots.

Love here comes at first sight, but understanding what makes these island gems tick is another story.

On Ikaria, we join in the fun at a village festival (you don’t have to wait long for one to come around!) and learn that sitting on the sidelines isn’t an option. And we feel for the greengrocer whose job it is to have his shelves stacked with vegetables by 8 o’clock. Until we learn that it’s 8pm. That’s when the village wakes up.



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  • Taking over from today it’s Alex Kavdas posting for Wanderlust Greece | North Aegean! The island of ?Lesvos welcomed us this morning with a hug filled of turquoise – her capital and main port, Mytilene, is one of the oldest towns in Greece, hometown to many wise men & women of the ancient world. Filled with neoclassical buildings, it gives a sense of nobility. Dominating the view is the impressive, baroque church of ?Saint Therapon, which surrounded by colourful structures will brighten our day!

  • This is Alex Kavdas from the island of Lesvos! It is not easy to describe the unforgettable emotions this view creates in the minds of those who witness it. The?Byzantine castle lights up in amazing colours under the sunlight making it a unique feast for the eyes!

  • Mytilene Downtown

  • Sikaminea or Sikamia Village | Lesvos

  • Pottery lessons with Mr. Stelios at Mantamados village!

  • Mantamados Village | Lesvos

  • Molyvos | Lesvos

  • ? Welcome to the S05 | EP05 of Wanderlust Greece | North Aegean! We’re broadcasting LIVE from the island of #Lesvos! Join our host presenter Alex Kavdas [Life Of Culture by Alex Kavdas] for a walk through the cobblestone alleys of Molyvos, a picturesque town with one of the most magical sunsets in the Aegean! ? #WanderlustGR#DiscoverGreece

  • Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest

  • Let’s spend the rest of our day at the village Skala Eresou! We will  enjoy the sea and we will eat fresh fish. Of course our day will end with an amazing sunset and cocktails!

  • Skala Kallonis Village | Lesvos

    This is Alex Kavdas (@alexkavdas) from Kalloni, a little port in the south of Lesvos! These fishing boats have a holy routine: every night they leave the port into the Aegean to fish the world-reknown sardines of Kalloni village – just the right size for kippering. Early in the morning, around 7am, they return to share their catch with local fishermen, who will sink them in salt and create a Greek style sashimi, unlike any other in taste and texture!

  • A long road of pines asks you to make the right turn. Once you do, the town of Agiasos gives you a colorful hug! A dense green surrounding has a core of narrow streets: wander freely to discover facades of a myriad hues, which instantly convey the message of creativity – locals are full of it! Listen to the town’s history from the village elders in the main square, whilst savoring traditional sweet fruit preserves and hit the “agora” for locally produced artefacts. Agiasos is in itself an immersive experience serving all the senses!

  • Our day begins at Palaiochori Plomariou with an amazing breakfast!

  • After a day on the most lauded beach of Lesvos…It felt like flipping through the pages of a book, each tone of blue took us deeper into the story. How many people have tasted this salty tirquoise, cooled down in the saphire and let go in the ultra marine? Splashing, swimming, diving, giving their all to go just a bit further – the sea giving them back an endless gaze into the horizon of Agios Isidoros beach!

  • Plomari | Lesvos

Alex Kavdas
Alex Kavdas Founder Lifeofculture.Com – Presenter – Actor – Communicator
Alex Kavdas Founder Lifeofculture.Com – Presenter – Actor – Communicator

Alex was born in a travelling family, as both his parents worked in exotic airlines and most of his important memories were carved in unexpected locations.
He works in the media, collaborating with magazines, TV and radio stations, mostly with Greek franchises of international media giants (Vogue, MTV, Dancing with the Stars i.a.). He was the Greek brand manager of, the first newsletter in Greece, which also gained international success.
Travelling is one of his passions, be it with company or by himself, in foreign lands or local destinations, inwards or outwards; Alex lives for new experiences and enjoys sharing them with the whole world. Curious about humans, their voyage through life and their point of view, he is on a mission to bring together the most extraordinary people he can possibly meet.
His latest project, a most personal one, is a vlog of short raw videos, that will wander the viewers through the rambling rows of contemporary culture.

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