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Discover Greece is hitting the road with its own digital travel show that gives you the stage to present Greece to the world. We’ll be sending our guest presenters around the country, broadcasting live across all our Social Media channels.

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/ wɒndəlʌst/
A strong, innate desire to travel

Season 4 is getting up close and personal and telling the story of what makes Crete tick. We’re looking into its soul is personality. Its deepest secrets. This is Crete Confidential. This is the Wanderlust Way of travelling … to inspire travellers to leave their comfort zone and try something different.

When we discover archaeology or history, we don’t just experience it, we bring it to life. When we explore nature, we’re connected to the land – hiking, mountain biking, in a boat… part of the flora and fauna. And, of course, we learn how to cook in a way that captures the real Cretan spirit. We interact with the people of Crete, describing how their magnetic character is interwoven with that of the island – and vice versa. The theme of hospitality – engaging with our guides and locals – binds every experience.

This is what Crete hides… Only it doesn’t hide it at all. An experience of a lifetime – and a lifetime’s worth of experiences. Crete has a larger-than-life character that is there for all to see. You only need to open your eyes, your ears, your heart… and engage… and the personality of a truly incredible island will come pouring out.


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  • How do we tell the story of Greece’s most popular travel destination? There are so many people out there who know Crete. Or at least they think they know Crete. Our challenge is to bring them the story of the Crete that they don’t know.

    They might already be familiar with the landscape, the sea, the great food, even the hiking… but our job is to go deeper. It’s the character of Crete we’re looking to describe.

    It’s the natural evolution to Incredible Crete’s “The Crete inside you”. We’re getting up close and personal and telling the story of what makes Crete tick. We’re looking into its soul is personality. Its deepest secrets. This is Crete Confidential.

  • Hey guys! George Lentzas is back for S04 of digital travel show Wanderlust Greece! EP01 is now rolling and I’m taking over the beautiful account of for the second time in a row, from the splendid Old Town of Chania. Get ready to walk with us, step by step, one of the classiest, cosmopolitan, yet purely authentic destinations in Greece, Crete! For the upcoming 15 days we are getting lost in a feast for the senses! You can’t lose a minute of S04 Wanderlust Greece | #Crete! Comment on the section below whatever you want to ask about the largest island of Greece and stick to our Stories both on Facebook & IG… And off we go! ? #WanderlustGR — celebrating Season 4 of Wanderlust Greece in ?Chaniá, Greece.

  • ? Surprise folks! Episode 1 of Season 4 of Wanderlust Greece | Crete is now ON! We’re broadcasting LIVE from ?Old Town of Chania. Join us as George Lentzas delivers the #1. LIVE video of Wanderlust Greece | Crete from the majestic alleys and the Old Venetian Harbour of Chania. Discover its secrets with us step by step! ??#WanderlustGR

  • Chania | Old Town


  • Chania | Cretan Gastronomy


  • DAY 2 of Wanderlust Greece | Crete ready to dive in style! To all of you dreaming of your summer holiday, get ready to be madly jealous. We’re in ?Sfakia-Loutro, in Crete, and we’re ready for our first swim of S04 of #WanderlustGR. So here goes! 3, 2, 1… ?

  • Loutro | Crete

  • Samaria’s Gorge leads you at Agia Roumeli but today we chose to visit the place by boat!

  • DAY 3 of Wanderlust Greece | #Crete! When you think of wanderlust, this is it! The jaw-dropping beauty of #Balos, a saltwater lagoon on the western tip of Crete. Who knew Europe could be so exotic? We spent the whole day here and loved every minute of it. Crete, you know how to break hearts! ???

  • We chose to spend the day in Balos beach and the sunset rewarded us!

  • We couldn’t end our day in Crete without cretan tastes! ðŸ“Kissamos, Crete

  • Hiking the Samaria’s Gorge National Park is once-in-a-lifetime experience! Starting Point: ?Omalos

  • Wanderlust Greece | #Crete – DAY #4.
    ?@george_lntz here a little bit later than usual. You haven’t really been to Crete, unless you visit it’s mountain lines. Our day started with a hike at Samaria Gorge. (IG Stories ?). The expectations weren’t even close to the majesty of the scenery, the great creation of nature gets you instantly as soon as you set your feet at the Gorge. Then, the neo-traditional small villages, that hold on strong in time. Gavalohori and Vamos are two villages close to #Chania, with a great sense of hospitality, authenticity and culture. 4 days in Crete and I ❤ this place already! No more writing, start swiping to the left y’all!

  • Vamos Village | Crete

  • Γαβαλοχώρι | Κρήτη

  • ?Today’s day was dedicated to inner peace finding! We set out for Preveli beach, a place of significant beauty and distinct environment. Palm trees ?, green water and a river that flows all the way to the beach ?, create an ideal scenery to slow you down and relax for a while. Same thing at the Three Rocks Beach, where we were blessed enough to do a yoga session right next to the sea, soaking up the sunset’s reddish hues and feeling grateful for what Crete has already delivered… Stick around and keep track of our wandering through the IG stories!

  • Same thing at the Three Rocks Beach (?Triopetra), where we were blessed enough to do a yoga session right next to the sea, soaking up the sunset’s reddish hues and feeling grateful for what Crete has already delivered…

  • And after yoga we enjoy the amazing sunset in Triopetra beach!

  • The 6th day of @discover.greece‘s digital travel show started at Arkadi Monastery, which was built in 9th century and is nowadays an UNESCO world heritage site. By stepping foot at monastery’s yard you have a feeling that you travel back in time as the condition of the buildings help in that, too.

  • Next stop was the old town of Rethimno and the Fortezza castle. My advice? Climb the fortress at sunset. The 360 degrees panoramic view of the city and the sea will definitely pay you out! ?

  • Wanderlust Greece | Crete – DAY #7.
    ?@george_lntz here for your daily dose of wanderlust! They don’t just eat food on Crete, they celebrate it. So we stayed and we wandered! Swipe left to join the fun, including a video to really set the mood. ???

  • Our day begins with George Lentzas making bread and traditional pies!

  • In Crete there is always a reason to celebrate!

  • Our day begins near Zoniana village, where we learn how to make cretan cheeses, such as graviera, mizithra and anthotiro, as well as cretan raki!

  • A day that will never be forgotten. This is where we met Crete’s soul! The most raw and authentic experience we could have asked for. Anogia province offers cultural gems that slowly drifting into time, yet locals try hard to keep them alive. We visited a traditional “mitato”, a stoned building that used to be the place where the cheese was getting matured back in the day. Shepherds used to put hard work in there, but they also knew how to have a good time as well. As soon as they were done working, they were gathering, friends among friends, preparing dinner (mostly wine, meat and cheese), singing “mantinades” and playing the Cretan Lyra and the Laouto. Today, we joined some of them, as they are trying to keep tradition alive. I will remember that day, not just as one of the best in Crete, but as one of the purest experiences I’ve ever lived in my entire life. ?

  • Our day in Anogia is still going on!

  • #Crete keeps telling us it’s the island that has it all… Well here’s Heraklion’s turn to shine: The Koules Fortress marking the entrance to the Venetian Harbour (now an elegant marina), a vibrant city and more than 5,500 years of history in the Archaeological Museum of the city. That’s #WanderlustGR culture on a grand scale! ?

  • Hey all, you’ve got me inspecting the wine routes of Heraklion, moments before we broadcast the next ?LIVE episode on @discover.greece Facebook page! Most of Cretan wine production is being produced in the area, which has a long history in wine making since ancient times! Are you interested in Greek wine making and tasting? ?Tune in, you won’t be disappointed! ??

  • Wine tasting | Crete

  • We continue our day with a short roadtrip from Heraclion to?Kapetaniana!

  • Giorgos Lentzas takes a morning mountain biking ride around Kapetaniana area.

  • Agios Nikolaos | Crete

  • View of Spinalonga from Elounda | Crete

  • Spinalonga | Crete

  • Fourni Village | Crete

  • Voulisma Beach | Crete

  • Lastros Village | Crete

  • Mochlos and Agios Nikolaos Islet | Crete

  • Grand Finale ?
    ?Yeap, @george_lntz here for the 15th and last day of Wanderlust Greece on Crete and it is time to take a deeeeeep breath! ? If you want to step up your experience on #Crete and let sun shine on your mind, then Chrissi is a must. Located 8 nautical miles from Ierapetra port, it’s one of the southest points of Crete and Greece and one of the most exotic as well. White sand beaches – crystal clear blue waters and a cedar forest offering shelter from the Greek bright sun! Tip for big groups or calm seekers: don’t miss the chance to book a private charter boat and explore the island in the most unique way! Thank you very much for being with us all these spectacular days. Short note: Wander often, wander always! ??

George Lentzas
George Lentzas Off-the-grid adventurer
George Lentzas Off-the-grid adventurer

George Lentzas was born in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, in 1990. He is a TV Host,  videographer, nature enthusiast but mostly a ‘’professional fun haver!’'

He was studying  Journalism and Communication in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, when he expressed a huge interest in traveling and documenting his experiences, both written and captured in videos. That led him to go after study abroad projects, traveling in Australia, USA and pretty much all of Europe at a very young age. While still being a student he gained mass attention by participating in the action-packed traveling tv show ‘’World Party’’, that turned him from a traveling enthusiast to a pro storyteller.

As soon as ‘’World Party’’ ended, he developed a solid project called ‘’On the Road’’, about traveling all around Greece in a 72’ VW camper van, on a bucket list highly connected to greek nature, off-the-grid adventures and portraying Greek regional areas as never seen before on Greek Television.

On his 27th year of walking into planet Earth and having traveled around 58 countries and pretty much all of the Greek territory, he is still amazed by all the unseen beauties that his country has to deliver!

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