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Discover Greece is hitting the road with its own digital travel show that gives you the stage to present Greece to the world. We’ll be sending our guest presenters around the country, broadcasting live across all our Social Media channels.

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/ wɒndəlʌst/
A strong, innate desire to travel

It’s Season 5 of Wanderlust Greece and our presenters are off to the islands of the North Aegean. Ikaria, Samos, Lesvos, Chios and Limnos. A collection of magical isles totally authentic and unspoilt… all the way down to their ancient Greek roots.

Love here comes at first sight, but understanding what makes these island gems tick is another story.

We explore the mastic villages of Chios, learning about the cultivation of the miraculous gum – the tears of Chios – in a year-round process that ends in a brittle, translucent resin with an unmistakable taste and proven pharmaceutical properties that has found a home in… Wait for it: savoury dishes, bread, ice cream, fire-water, chewing gum, toothpaste, perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and so many other products. Did we mention varnishes and preserving photographic negatives?



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  • ?Chios Town

    Hello wanderlusters! We are George & Vasiliki ? – the @yabatravellers and together we are going to live adventurous days and romantic nights on Chios island! We are here for just a few hours and already feel the vibe of this extraordinary island. What a better start than the picturesque windmills? ? So, are you ready to discover Chios with us?!

  • We’re broadcasting LIVE from Chios – the fragrant isle of mastic and mandarin! ? Join our host presenters, the Yabatravellers, for a tour around the gardens of a historic medieval mansion on Kampos, the island’s most fertile valley!

  • Our day in Chios town will end with delicious dishes and cocktails!

  • ?Armolia | Chios

    Hello everyone! This is DAY 2 on Chios with the @Yabatravellers! ? And that is the miraculous mastic tree, the symbol of the island! The plant resin, also known as the “tears” of Chios,?is traditionally produced on the 24 villages of South Chios called Mastichochoria, like nowhere in the world. This island is truly blessed by nature!

  • ?The Chios Mastic Museum | Pyrgi, Chios

  • We’re broadcasting LIVE from the island of Chios! Join our host presenters, the ? Yabatravellers, for a walk through the picturesque alleyways of Pyrgi! This is one of the 24 mastic villages on the island, also known as the “painted village” because of the unique black-and-white-patterned buildings!

  • The @Yabatravellers ? are ready to take you to the medieval mastic village of Chios island that literally looks like a castle…?Mesta village! This place has a unique character and no fear to show it off!
    P.S. Do you wanna know how to drink like a local? If you ever find yourself here, have a glass (or two) of the traditional wine called “Mestousiko” and maybe the more intense “Souma”, made from figs and grapes! Yamas!

  • ?Anavatos | Abandoned Byzantine Village

  • Sunset at ?Trachili!

  • All we needed today was a boat and a great captain to show us around the best spots in?Oinousses, a hidden gem less than an hour away from Chios! We felt like kids again, exploring secret coves around the island and enjoying some pretty fun dives! Then, we visited the ?Maritime Museum of Oinousses and then we said goodbye to Oinousses and Chios with delicious fish dishes!

George Tsagkarakis & Vasiliki Papakonstanti
George Tsagkarakis & Vasiliki Papakonstanti Couple Travel Bloggers & Storytellers
George Tsagkarakis & Vasiliki Papakonstanti Couple Travel Bloggers & Storytellers

Vasiliki and George are a couple, travel bloggers and storytellers sharing a common passion for travelling and new adventures. Through their blog, they aspire to “illuminate” the secret sides of travelling, to share tips and tell stories about all the things that make life more beautiful.
George studied Tourism Management and Vasiliki Politics & Economics, but their creative spirit and wanderlust bug led them to other directions. After their studies they started working in aviation and when they met they created the couples travel blog, Currently they combine their blogging life with their passion for aviation.
They were born in Crete Island and they live in the city of Athens.
Life motο: «I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world!»

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