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Discover Greece is hitting the road with its own digital travel show that gives you the stage to present Greece to the world. We’ll be sending our guest presenters around the country, broadcasting live across all our Social Media channels.

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Wanderlust Greece is back for Season 2 and this time we’re getting up close and personal with our home city. After uncovering the best of the Peloponnese, it’s all about Athens on the Digital Travel Show that broadcasts live on Discover Greece’s social media channels.

Our guest presenter will spend six weeks living and breathing everything that’s great about Athens, tapping right into the city’s incredible urban vibe.

Discover the people, the neighbourhoods, the architecture that make Athens one of the most exciting city break destinations in the world. The modern cultural highlights, sitting right alongside the ancient classics.

We’ll have whole episodes dedicated to food and wine (and that means wineries too) and the magical Athenian Riviera. We’ll even take you to the gardens and mountain escapes in and around the city that we’ve been keeping secret till now.

And then there’s the bit we’re really looking forward to. The nightlife and Christmas spirit(s). Enough said!

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  • It’s almost time to present you with #athens as you’ve never experienced it before. It’s Season 2 of Wanderlust Greece, the live Digital Travel Show broadcast right here on @discover.greece social media. And it’s coming soon! This time you’ll be in the hands of our second host presenter @stef_greece #WanderlustGR ?? |?? Tune in to our social media channels!

  • Hey! It’s @stef_greece here, taking over @discover.greece account for the next 6 weeks! Check Stories too! The first episode of Season II of our digital travel show #WanderlustGr throws the spotlight on #Athens and couldn’t have kicked off in a more unconventional BUT exciting way! Choosing to showcase the seaside, one of our city’s main attractions, our first stop is ?Vouliagmeni Lake. Warmed by thermal springs and located on the Athens Riviera, this hidden highlight is a mere 25-minute drive south of Athens’ city centre! #WanderlustGr #VouliagmeniLake
    ➡️Don’t miss our #instagramstories. Tune in! ?

  • Day 1 on our #WanderlustGr journey! @stef_greece is here again! Our next stop was ?Sounion, on the southernmost part of Athens, offering one of the most impressive sunsets you can witness in our city. Pro tip: It is only about an hour away from the centre of #Athens, do include it in your city break trip as a daily escapade! ✨

     Watch our #3 LIVE broadcast from Cape Sounion!

  • Hard to believe that such places exist in the heart of our favourite city. Welcome to the ?National Garden! Home of many different species of trees, planted by gardeners… and by Queen Amalia herself, who used to own this “Royal Garden” as it was initially called, spending at least three hours taking care of the flowers! Today’s LIVE broadcast episode is on Discover Greece Facebook page. @stef_greece presents this oasis of green, guiding us around on this Episode II of our #WanderlustGR digital travel show. Enjoy people! ??????

     Watch our #2 LIVE broadcast from the National Garden!

  • The impressive ?Zappeion mansion – a semicircular neoclassical building with a Corinthian portico.

  • ?Lycabettus is the highest point of the Athens basin, standing at 227 metres above the city. Access to this wonderful hill can be on foot but the most popular way is the picturesque cable car. Romanticism without the weariness of the climb and the whole of Athens at your feet!

  • You most probably weren’t expecting this kind of scenery and weather in Athens in December! Don’t let the sun and the sea distract you from the fact that here in Faliron we are in full Christmas spirit ? As you may have heard in our live episode on our Facebook page, ?Flisvos Marina is every Athenian’s favourite location for an afternoon stroll! This year marks the marina’s 15th year on the Athens Riviera.

     Watch our #3 LIVE broadcast from Flisvos Marina!

  • Oh, take a glimpse of ?Piraeus too, a portrait of Greece in miniature


  • So, today, we gifted ourselves a little pre – Xmas cocktail! “Shaken, not stirred”! #WanderlustGR(Someone’s got to do it, right?!) Cheers

  • Retail therapy in ?Glyfada, the uber-trendy shopping neighbourhood of the southern suburbs.

  • ?Tatoi Palace was the summer palace and 10,000 acre estate of the former Greek Royal Family. The area is a densely wooded southeast-facing slope of Mount Parnitha, and it is just 27 km from the city centre of Athens.

  • ?Bafi Refuge
    We were feeling the Christmas spirit strong and hard today, so looked for a landscape to put it in the mood. We headed up Mt Parnitha, on the outskirts of Athens, past the refuge and through the fir trees… until we encountered this handsome little thing. Wild deer in Athens! Who knew?

    Watch our #4 LIVE broadcast from Mt Parnitha!

  • It’s Week 3 of #WanderlustGR #Athens and welcome to the highlights. Not that we were in a rush today. It was down to the Hammam first thing, just as the ancient’s did, before heading on to Plaka and the iconic Anafiotika district, where you’d swear you were on an island if it weren’t for the Acropolis above you. As for the view from the top… see for yourself.

    Let’s face it, the Ancient Greeks knew about wanderlust long before us! ?

  • ?Plaka district

    Did you know that you could be on a Greek Cycladic island and at the same time be able to see the Acropolis? The curious and iconic district of Anafiotika, inhabited by workers from Anafi island in the 19th century, has Cyclades written all over it! Stay tuned for more city centre beauty and don’t forget to watch today’s live episode on our Facebook page!

    Watch our #5 LIVE broadcast from Plaka district!

  • Did you know that you could be on a Greek Cycladic island and at the same time be able to see the Acropolis? The curious and iconic district of ?Anafiotika, inhabited by workers from Anafi island in the 19th century, has Cyclades written all over it!

  • #Athens just keeps sweeping us off our feet. #WanderlustGR went on a walking tour of the city centre today. Join us in reliving the highlights! ?

  • ?Dionysiou Areopagitou street

    #Athens just keeps sweeping us off our feet. #WanderlustGR went on a walking tour of the city centre today.

    Watch our #6 LIVE broadcast from Dionysiou Areopagitou street!

  • Athens has got its Christmas face on! If you want to find the iconic Xmas tree, simply head down to ?Syntagma Square ?❤️

  • Who said Mondays can’t be..sweet! There’s nothing a “kantaifi” can’t fix. We hope you enjoyed today’s live episode on our Facebook page, where we demonstrated how to make this traditional Greek pastry. We certainly had lots of fun and this is the result. Yum! ? ???

     Watch our #7 LIVE broadcast from the traditional bakery!

  • Coffee time at?Thissio

  • If you’re not hungry you soon will be because this week’s all about food on Wanderlust Greece. First stop… Athens’ central market and ?Evripidou street where we could spend all day just wandering around the dried fruit & nuts, herbs, spices, cured meats and pulses.

  • Eating in #Athens if often a farm-to-fork experience, so #WanderlustGR went in search of its own ingredients for lunch today at this ecotourism treasure just 30 minutes from the city centre and the Athens International Airport.

     Watch our #8 LIVE broadcast from the ecotourism traditional Greek farm!

  • Attention wanderers! Suggestion of the day: The perfect Xmas stroll at ?Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

  • Today’s episode on our #WanderlustGR series began with one of the most recognisable views in Athens! Ever been to the vibrant and ever-busy ?square of Monastiraki? Like what you see?

  • Athens doesn’t need an excuse to put on a show… but Christmas & New Year bring a unique energy to this city.

  • On an altitude of 277m above sea level, the ? hill of Lycabettus offers the most magnificent views over #Athens. Needless to say, an absolute must for your next visit!

     Watch our #10 LIVE broadcast from the hill of Lycabettus

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Stefanos Addimando Travel Photographer

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