Evia & Skyros

Discover Greece is hitting the road with its own digital travel show that gives you the stage to present Greece to the world. We’ll be sending our guest presenters around the country, broadcasting live across all our Social Media channels.

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Season 3 of Wanderlust Greece sees our Digital Travel Show turn the spotlight on Evia and Skyros.

The 10-day itinerary brings to life to the many highlights of these destinations… starting from the iconic suspension bridge of Chalkida and heading into the heart of Evia where we discover cultural gems and inspiring nature, even an exotic coastline that resembles a tropical paradise.

We move on to Skyros, an island of long-standing traditions and customs, and unspoilt beaches for those who value the “throw a towel on the sand and dream the day away” kind of summer holiday experience over organized umbrellas, sunbeds and beach bars.

And then it’s back to the mainland for many more cultural and natural highlights, ending with a visit to a local winery.

Running as a constant theme throughout is the mouth-watering local food and agricultural produce that represent both the destination and the people we encounter.

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  •  We’re almost there! Season 3 of Digital Travel Show, Wanderlust Greece, is just a drumroll away – and this time we’re off to #Evia and #Skyros. Get ready to fall in love with a part of Greece you probably never even knew existed, just as much as you’ll love your new host! (Don’t miss the big reveal next week!) 

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  •  We’re broadcasting LIVE | Join us as George Lentzas delivers the opening live video of Wanderlust Greece | Evia – Skyros. Share that wanderlust drone flight above Chalkida city and tune in on our social media channels as we introduce the splendid beauty of Evia to you! 

  • Hey! @george_lntz here. Our second day in #Evia found us driving north, to reach the village of Limni. We started ascending on beautiful and narrow mountain roads, thinking to ourselves that we’re in a completely different place, compared to the coastal city of #Chalkida. Wild nature, cut-back rivers and locals commuting to their daily routines without the buzz of mass tourism anywhere around, turned our day into an interesting puzzle of views and images! #WanderlustGR

George Lentzas
George Lentzas Off-the-grid adventurer
George Lentzas Off-the-grid adventurer

George Lentzas was born in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, in 1990. He is a TV Host,  videographer, nature enthusiast but mostly a ‘’professional fun haver!’'

He was studying  Journalism and Communication in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, when he expressed a huge interest in traveling and documenting his experiences, both written and captured in videos. That led him to go after study abroad projects, traveling in Australia, USA and pretty much all of Europe at a very young age. While still being a student he gained mass attention by participating in the action-packed traveling tv show ‘’World Party’’, that turned him from a traveling enthusiast to a pro storyteller.

As soon as ‘’World Party’’ ended, he developed a solid project called ‘’On the Road’’, about traveling all around Greece in a 72’ VW camper van, on a bucket list highly connected to greek nature, off-the-grid adventures and portraying Greek regional areas as never seen before on Greek Television.

On his 27th year of walking into planet Earth and having traveled around 58 countries and pretty much all of the Greek territory, he is still amazed by all the unseen beauties that his country has to deliver!