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Discover Greece is hitting the road with its own digital travel show that gives you the stage to present Greece to the world. We’ll be sending our guest presenters around the country, broadcasting live across all our Social Media channels.

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/ wɒndəlʌst/
A strong, innate desire to travel

Step with us into a city that beats with a pulse that sets your heart racing, but where the pace slows right down when you’re there. Where locals take time to live life to the full and 72hrs just won’t seem enough. Where the past blends effortlessly with present, east with west, ancient with modern. Once it was the Romans and Byzantines who thrived here, but now it’s another type of storyteller stealing the show in a city defined by an overwhelming spirit of creativity.

Welcome to Thessaloniki and Series 6 of Wanderlust Greece, the Digital Travel Show where guest presenters travel the length and breadth of Greece, broadcasting live on Discover Greece’s social media.


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  • Welcome to ?Thessaloniki and Series 6 of Wanderlust Greece, the Digital Travel Show where guest presenters travel the length and breadth of Greece, broadcasting live on Discover Greece’s social media.

    We’ll show you round the must-sees of Greece’s second biggest city – Artisitelous Square, the White Tower, the ancient walls of the upper city and so much more – but Thessaloniki today is more about how its incredibly mixed history blends so effortlessly into modern life.

    Just why is Thessaloniki considered Greece’s culinary capital? What is it about the view of the Thermaic Gulf as you slowly sip a coffee (mandatory, by the way) that fills you with plans for the future? How come there are no rules on what time of day you can eat a bougatsa, the delicious semolina custard pie with filo pastry?

    We’re going in search of the answers, taking you to the coolest districts for cocktails and rooftop dining, down the seaside promenade lined with bikes and strolling couples; we’ll be taking you round the best museums and showing you where to shop, and we’ll even head out of town for an escape – just an hour’s drive to Vergina (where Alexander the Great become king of the Macedons), to the foothills of Mt Olympus and onto some of the wine roads of Northern Greece.

    Told you 72 hours wouldn’t be enough!

  • Welcome to Thessaloniki! Yabatravellers are ready to explore this amazing city and they start with a morning walk at?Ano Poli! Hot Spots: ?Eptapyrgio, ?Tsinari region,?Vlatades Monastery


  • ? E01 of S06 of Wanderlust Greece | Thessaloniki is now on air! Join us as Yabatravellers deliver the opening LIVE video from the superb alleys of the upper part of the city. ?

  • A rotating 360° view of the city from?OTE tower, while toasting to more wander-full days? Definitely YES! Cheers people!

  • ?Archaeological Museum | Thessaloniki

  • Winetasting | Thessaloniki

  • On the road to Thessaloniki’s Cinema Festival!

  • Yaba Travellers (@yabatravellers) are back for some sweeeeet inspiration! They say there is no wandering if you don’t got dazzled by the “tastes of the city”. Thessaloniki, besides all, is a gastronomical destination. So, once here, dive into the local flavours in any possible way. Start your day with a brunch or end it with tasty delicacies and spoil yourself as the locals do! Get ready to trick or treat your travel buddy with the most jaw-dropping pastry flavours.

  • It’s time for lunch! We found delicious dishes in?Ladadika!

  • Thessaloniki’s nightlife can definitely suit with everyone’s taste! Let’s discover it!

  • Hey wanderlusters, catch a glimpse of Yaba Travellers (@yabatravellers ) rolling back in glorious times. Walk with us through the ancient site of Aigai, mostly known as ?Vergina. Just a breath away from Thessaloniki, this outstanding historical site is considered to be the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th century! Leave the daylight behind and wander around the majestuous past of Macedonian dynasty. The place where the royal burial tomb of Phillip II was unearthed is nothing less than impressive! Go ahead, see for yourself.

  • ? E02 of S06 of Wanderlust Greece | Thessaloniki is now available! Join us as Yabatravellers deliver the prerecorded LIVE video from the magnificent Royal Tombs of Vergina.

  • Today we visited ?Litochoro and it turned out to be a thrilling nearby escape from Thessaloniki. Small town with Macedonian traditional architecture all around, surrounded by the essence of the uncultivated nature of Greece and just a few km away from the sea. Look up and watch that spectacular view of Mt Olympus rising in front of you. The highest mountain in Greece was according to Greek mythology “home of the Greek Gods”. They clearly chose their home wisely, right?!

  • ? E03 of S06 of Wanderlust Greece | Thessaloniki is LIVE y’all! Join us as Yabatravellers deliver the beauty of ?Litochoro in the foothills of Mountain Olympus just an hour away from the city of Thessaloniki.

  • Aristotelous Square | Thessaloniki

  • ? Welcome back for E04 of S06 of Wanderlust Greece | Thessaloniki! Join us as Yabatravellers deliver the most walk-able part of the city. Stick with us to see some of the most Instagrammable spots of Thessaloniki.

  • ?The Zongolopoulos Umbrellas | Θεσσαλονίκη

  • ?Rotonta | Thessaloniki

  • ?Arch of Galerius | Thessaloniki

  • ?Philharmonic Hall | Thessaloniki

  • Thessaloniki tinted in gorgeous golden colour! The 6th season of Wanderlust Greece says goodbye to Thessaloniki! Now, it’s your turn to explore this city!

George Tsagkarakis & Vasiliki Papakonstanti
George Tsagkarakis & Vasiliki Papakonstanti Couple Travel Bloggers & Storytellers
George Tsagkarakis & Vasiliki Papakonstanti Couple Travel Bloggers & Storytellers

Vasiliki and George are a couple, travel bloggers and storytellers sharing a common passion for travelling and new adventures. Through their blog, they aspire to “illuminate” the secret sides of travelling, to share tips and tell stories about all the things that make life more beautiful.

George studied Tourism Management and Vasiliki Politics & Economics, but their creative spirit and wanderlust bug led them to other directions. After their studies they started working in aviation and when they met they created the couples travel blog,

Currently they combine their blogging life with their passion for aviation.
They were born in Crete Island and they live in the city of Athens.
Life motο: «I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world!»

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